Kia Rio 2017

Kia- A company that has come a long way, whilst sharing a lot of commonality and parts with Hyundai the brand has produced some really good cars recently; the Pro Cee’d GT comes to mind amongst others. For one thing, their adverts sponsoring the CSI and crime investigation programmes on channel 5 helped to get things moving … More Kia Rio 2017

New Mini Countryman

New Mini Countryman The original Mini was an icon a fantastic little car to come from England and recognisable around the world. Back in 2001, the new Mini came to us, much to the dismay of some. It’s now been with us for over a decade. Along with various versions including the top of the … More New Mini Countryman

Review 2016 Vauxhall Zafira elite, 1.6 ecoflex with stop start.

At the bottom of the page are links to Vauxhall’s configurator and to the pictures of the Car So this week I have been in Scotland and it has been a fantastic getaway from the south, with varying weather, signal and all the holiday fun from going away. However a part of this has been … More Review 2016 Vauxhall Zafira elite, 1.6 ecoflex with stop start.

Perodua kelisa

I could call this my first proper car… except well it isn’t. As a car it looked like a fake Nissan Micra. A bit like when shops make fake versions of real toys. This was reflected in the price- £450. The car itself when I bought it had no stereo- not a good start. But … More Perodua kelisa