Ferrari 812 SUPERFAST


Ferrari has announced a new car to be debuted at Geneva to replace the F12, unlike the common trend of downsizing engines in favour of smaller turbocharged engines; Ferrari has used a 6.5 litre V12. A new car with a 6.5 litre V12 from Italy certainly seems to be a very good idea, particularly as it comes in the same year as the prancing horses 70th birthday year.


The 6.5 V12 produces 788BHP (19 more than the F12 TDF), an incredible figure producing o-60 in 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 211 MPH. 718NM of torque is available at 7000rpm 80% of which is available from 3500rpm meaning that the car has instant power ready from low revs. This has been achieved by using of variable geometry intake, used for naturally aspirated engines taken from F1. This has been combined with a dual clutch gearbox to give shorter shifting times between gears and sharpen the throttle response.

The 812 also uses electric power steering, the first Ferrari to use this new system. Whilst it is a new system it has taken Ferrari years to perfect it and it means the car’s performance can be fully exploited. Combining this with Ferrari’s side slip control it means that the performance is both thrilling and easier to exploit. The handling also features a virtual short Wheelbase system taken from the F12tdf to improve the handling and reduces the response times of the car. Overall the performance of the engine and gearbox along with the handling electronics mean this should be a V12 car that is easier to handle than its predecessor whilst not losing any of the performance that a  Ferrari should have.


The dark arts of active aerodynamics have been used to increase downforce on the car; with the use of this, the Ferrari has a very good look about it. However, it does appear that the front has lost its bonnet air vent. But, that has given the car very sleek looks; it is a Ferrari and should always try to be very pretty. The rear of the car is the only area I’m not sure about. It appears the body has been wrapped in an extra layer. This has been done to because of the use of active aero which seems to interfere with the styling, said to be reminiscent of the 365 GTB of the late 60’s. The outside of the car does have a very good look, unfortunately, the rear seems to be a slight let down to this.

Whilst the outside looks exquisite (with the exception of the rear), the inside looks fabulous new seats have been included as well as new instrument clusters and steering wheel. It does look like a good place to be personally, I am hoping there are different colours available as I would specify a lighter colour than black.81220superfast_4

Final thoughts

It’s a new Ferrari so expectations are going to be high, what I like about the car is the V12 and its performance figures. The technology transferred from the F12tdf mean that it should have some really good handling on its side. However, it wouldn’t be appropriate for those who haven’t handled higher powered cars. A front engine V12 will always be a bit of a handful, despite that I am not worried. A new V12 supercar is being built in amongst downsizing and ecological concerns its good to see the V12 not disappearing from supercars. Apart from the back of the car, there is only one thing bothering me, the name. Calling it the 812 is fine but why have they put SUPERFAST after it? That must be a given being it’s a Ferrari with a V12, looking forward to seeing how SUPERFAST it is. Finally, prices are estimated to start at around 240,000 and the dates for when it will be available are as yet TBC.81220superfast_6


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