La Auto show- Mercedes AMG 63

First up this Mercedes is one which was press launched at the end of last month, but it has been shown in public at the LA Auto show hence its presence on here. This here is the news of the next generation AMG E63, there are two versions of this which are the AMG E63 S 4Matic and the AMG E63 4Matic. The difference is in price and performance with the AMG S 4Matic being the more powerful and slightly quicker version.

Mercedes have given the car a sportier look to distinguish it from the normal E class the look is not as mad as the black series but includes a more aggressive front grille and wider bodywork, I will leave some pictures at the bottom/ on twitter for you to decide.

Engines and performance

Both the new AMG 63’s have the same engine, a 4litre V8 twin turbo one producing 571 BHP (4matic) whilst the other produces 612 BHP(S 4matic). 0-62 times for these cars are only different by 0.1 of a second the S 4Matic achieving a time of 3.4 seconds which bearing in mind it has the same engine and more power you would expect it to be quicker. Similarly with the transmission, both cars have the same 9-speed gearbox and the same limited top speed of 155mph.

Under the bonnet

This is the area where differences between the two cars start to show up, whilst both cars now benefit from variable torque distribution all-wheel drive, which in English means you can send all the power to the front rear or split it how you wish to between the rear and front, much like older Evo’s had back in the 00’s. However, Mercedes have taken a leaf out of Ford’s book with the S 4Matic as it has the same all-wheel drive system but with additional Drift mode. Bearing in mind the ludicrous nature of AMG’s the idea you will need a drift button seems slightly insane. The new all-wheel drive system may now counteract some of the ludicrous nature of previous AMG’s. However, Mercedes have not lost sight of their mad side and have introduced launch control, under the guise of “RACESTART” and the all-wheel drives variability will mean you can still have a sideways car with plenty of oversteer. Furthermore, changes to the rear axle have been made to improve the noise vibration and harshness found in previous generation AMG saloons.  Other areas of improvement on handling have been derived from motorsport and include uprated brakes amongst other technical things.

The boring bits

For a car with a large V8 you would expect it drink fuel excessively, after all, it’s a performance orientated saloon. Well, Mercedes have addressed this, not only with stop-start but gliding mode, which means using less fuel when travelling between 37 and 99mph. Additionally, cylinder shutdown has been fitted so that when not required you can run on 4 instead of 8 cylinders. Whilst this car is not designed to break MPG records it is good to know that Mercedes have considered and thought about fuel economy. This means the car is open to a wider market by the increase of MPG available.

Final thoughts

Having been a fan of the Mercedes AMG range, or as I consider it the “mad” range, this new AMG63 appears to still have the appeal of being a Mad saloon but with the difference being its grown up slightly, with an effort to save fuel and all-wheel drive. The drift button probably wasn’t necessary but it’s a great additional feature, for the moment we can enjoy the pictures and wait in expectation of a good sounding fast saloon with a little too much oversteer coming in 2017.


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