LA auto show- Alpha Stelvio

The La AutoShow  has seen some new cars come that will be coming soon.  The first one to talk about comes from Alfa Romeo.

The last time I wrote about Alpha was durring the Paris Motor Show, this time I am writing about another new Alpha. This time it is called the Stelvio, and it is set to take on the SUV market. Named after the Stelvio pass, the argument is the car will be offering unrivalled driving pleasure style and versatility. The SUV Market is new territory for Alpha but as with most car companies, it is an area which it needs to enter into. The global sales of SUV’s have dictated that. For a brand that for a long time has seemed quiet, the Stelvio is a good mark to have. It looks stunning for starters, considering rivals such as the Porsche Macan and Jaguar F-pace this car will have a lot to live up to.alfa stel.jpg

Engines and performance

The top of the range Quadrifoglio will have 510BHP from the same 2.9 V6 used in the range-topping Giulia. Whilst talking to Auto Car CEO of Alfa Reid Bigland estimates it will lap the Nurburgring in less than 8 minutes. A tall order for an SUV if they get it right, this will mean being a serious player in the SUV market. The gearbox on this is an 8-speed unit boasting gear changes in 150 milliseconds in race modes. Whilst power and gear change information have been released by Alfa they have said it will be capable of 0-60 in 5.4 seconds.

Other engines on offer, if you didn’t want the top of the range 510 BHP unit include a 2 litre 280 BHP turbo petrol 4 cylinder unit with an 8-speed automatic transmission. At the moment other engines have not been confirmed, but a diesel unit would not be a surprise in an SUV

Under the bonnet

4 wheel drive will be used on the top end models and as yet it is unclear what this will look like in European markets, as to if there will be a cheaper RWD option, presumably with a diesel engine.

The chassis is under control from a Chassis Domain control system (CDC) which is used to control the car’s torque vectoring ESC (electronic stability control) and adapt the chassis geometry. In plain English, this car has a computer to control the power suspension braking system and steering. Unlike cars such as the Range Rover, it looks as if this is set for the road rather than off road additionally.

Geek spec

The car will use the Alfa DNA pro in top of the range Quadrifoglio which has the three main modes of Dynamic Natural and advanced efficiency, however for petrol heads and those who like a little more excitement there is the additional race mode.

The cars computer system is developed with Magneti Marelli and will include an 8.8-inch unit (presumably touch screen). Whilst this area isn’t breaking any new ground from what we have seen with other new cars it does suggest it will be on the same level as its rivals for geek spec equipment.


Whilst there is no information for “safety and the boring bits” Alfa has really emphasised that this cars lightweight will enable a higher driving pleasure because it produces a better power to weight ratio. The emphasis from Alfa has been about this cars performance and the pleasure of driving. What we could be looking at here is an SUV that is marketed not only for the SUV market but also at petrol heads. Whilst SUV’s have come a long way from being unstable off road buses for the school run, this looks as if it could potentially take the shine away from other SUV’s. It is really good to see Alfa producing great cars again and I for one look forward to the release of the Stelvio.


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