Rolls Royce 2017 collection

Rolls Royce has announced a spring summer collection for 2017. Rather like a fashion brand Rolls Royce are revealing some special models and styling for 2017. Using high end luxury silk and leather, along with other materials they are adding to the luxury of the brand and their cars.  If you thought that a Rolls Royce was already a luxury then look again.

What this means in reality is they are “Tarting” up their cars a bit for the summer next year. The main difference is the colour choice for the roof, on the convertible Dawn model. Colours available will be; Mugello Red, Colbalto Blue and Mandarin. These colours will also be a subtle feature in the interiors. This will be featured alongside a black and white interior with “arctic white” leather seats. The door pockets will be lined with silk just to give that extra luxury feel to the car. Naturally the car also has hand painted coach linings on it as well.  Clients will be able to order one of these as of November.

The luxury brand of Rolls Royce is one that is to be admired from a distance. Whilst their cars are luxury and their clientele live in a different lifestyle to me, there is something special about the brand and the cars. Their cars are not to be raced or driven hard, they are to be swooshed in and driven by a chauffeur. While they usually weigh at least 2.5 tons they have significant power, you wouldn’t go to a track day with one. The power is there so you can get away from the paparazzi or be ahead of the riff raff.  Whilst the days of Thunderbirds and Lady Penelope’s Pink Rolls Royce and Parker are long ago, it sort of sums up the image of Rolls Royce. Elegant luxury that is quite essentially British (we will ignore the owners and providers of parts here). Not in the sense of going to a rowdy football match, but the charm and politely admirable side of Britain. The other thing a Rolls Royce is good for is aspiration; they are the sort of car that you can look to and desire. You would be proud to take your parents out in one, whilst they are not a Ferrari or Lamborghini it is a car that appeals to everybody. Perhaps that’s why so many second hand ones and older ones have fallen into the wedding car category. So whilst the people buying them are looking forward to enjoying canapé’s and Prosecco at the races the rest of us can look at their cars and admire the beauty and passion that goes into building them.

The new collection for 2017 therefore adds more luxury and perfection to what I think is one of the nation’s favourite car manufacturers, indeed their global popularity adds more to this luxury British brand. Rolls Royce themselves say that “to them (clients) the commissioning of fine luxury objects represents a deeply involving curatorial process- with different forms of luxury design”.  This sums up how a Rolls Royce can be viewed as a purchase, you wouldn’t be buying it as if it were a need like a normal car, or as the desire for a sports car. To buy a new Rolls Royce is to step into a world of utter luxury. To us mere mortals it is a chance to gaze into the wonder of how the other half live and aspire to something greater in life.roller-post


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