Paris round up

The Paris motor show finished over a week ago, unfortunately aims to bring coverage during the event fell short. With only two articles (one going up just prior to this one), thanks to illness and unexpected travel plans.

So whilst it has now finished and you probably have seen bits from it. Here is a 3 of my personal highlights from Paris, excluding Hyundai as they have been covered a lot already on here.

  1. Honda Civic type R: Wow fantastic car and really building upon expectation after the release of the current type R. If you want to read more on this then click here for the post:
  1. Nissan Micra: I didn’t think that I would see the day where my grandparents car would make it onto my blog yet amazingly it has. The first thing to point out is the way it looks; compared to the previous generations it has lost the blandness. There is a slight resemblance to the Toyota Aygo but it is a massive improvement on the looks of previous generations. Nissan are claiming improved safety, with intelligent emergency breaking and pedestrian recognition, it sounds similar to what is found on Teslar’s which have significantly larger price tags. Than that of a small hatchback.


The tech increase also includes a 7inch display centre with access to Sat-Nav, audio system and mobile connectivity (only apple car play). Additionally it comes with Bose upgraded speakers in the car and built into the driver’s seat.In terms of driving experience it now includes Active ride which claims to enhance ride comfort, reduce understeer and sharpen handling. This comes with the partnership of Renault and Nissan working together and so will probably mean a beneficial improvement for the Micra on previous generations. Furthermore, effort has been made to reduce cabin noise and improve the cars aero dynamics. The car has 3 engine options available: 0.9litre turbocharged petrol engine (90BHP) 1.5 diesel (90BHP) or a naturally aspirated 1 Litre petrol (73 BHP). However at the moment there is now word on what gearbox options will be available. It is expected to go on sale in Europe in March 2017.

  1. Ferrari: couldn’t really escape this one the La Ferrari is losing its head. More specifically as expected by the prancing horse firm the La Ferrari Aperta made its first public appearance. If you thought the La Ferrari looked cool wait till you see the convertible version. Surprisingly rather than the red we are used too this one was black with red linings. I think the thing I like best about the car is not just the looks but the doors, they open up and forwards, that works for me on many levels. Whilst the engine and drive train are the same as the La Ferrari, they have tinkered with the electrics to make them more efficient and keep the top speed of 217mph, alongside this 0-124mph is dealt with in 7.1 seconds. Most cars won’t reach 60 in that time. Looking forward to it, a v12 with no roof should be a good recipe.


Whilst these 3 cars for me are standouts of the show the other big launches included the new discovery, which has enjoyed a massive build-up including a Lego Tower of London and bear Grylls.. Unfortunately I think with the loss of the defender, Landover has lost site of the cheaper end of the market and rival brands such as JEEP et al are able to capitalise on this. To summarise here are a few of the new cars launched and shown at the Paris motor show 2016.

  • Audi- launched the new q5. But also an RS saloon not seen since 2010 with just shy of 400 BHP
  • BMW X2 electric concept (one of many electric cars both for production and concepts shown at Paris). Also a New series 3 grand Turismo
  • Citroen, launching the new C3, with a built in dash cam system which could prove popular with insurance companies, hopefully it comes with an off button as well though, although the possibility to live stream a journey in your car could become a reality. The New C4 Picasso, Citroen have accidently made a car with a name that combines a bomb and artist together and got away with it I don’t know how. But this one comes with updates to the previous car.
  • Dacia, having recently been in a test drive of the Sandero (details coming soon)and seen an impressive car with room for improvement they are launching updated Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan MCV’s. Hopefully they will look into other short falls of their cars including the Diesel engines noise and the sound proofing.

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