Honda civic Type R

Honda Civic and Type R prototype,

The Paris motor show saw the hashtag #parismotorshow trending high on twitter. However following below it was the Type R civic. Last year’s Type R pushed the boat out on what has been a relatively quiet part of Honda for a few years. Ok so there has been a Type R model out for a while before. But the current Type R has been doing well and proved popular with petrol heads.  The new Model won’t be officially unveiled until 2017 (expected late 2017) but it has now gained an expectant audience of press and petrol heads awaiting its arrival. While the current civic Type R is enjoying success in BTCC, the current road going version is providing much debate amongst petrol heads deciding between it and the Focus RS.

The Type R is based on the tenth generation civic which has gone back towards a larger hatchback style as appose to the smaller style we have come accustom to. The Type R model shows an aggressive look, large rear spoiler, and a carbon fibre splitter. Ooh ohhh ohh carbon fibre and large rear spoiler it looks riced already. Rumoured to have at least 340 bhp and front wheel drive this sounds like a real good hot hatch. The Brembo front brakes also indicate it should stop as well as it goes. If the new model is as good as its predecessor it should be a fantastic car. Expectation is hieghtend by the triple exhaust pipes which should produce a good sound that matching the body and performance of the car. Although until I see it in the flesh I am struggling to call it a hatchback, that said it’s hardly going to be an M3/5 rival.  If it looks similar size to a focus then I guess it is a hatchback. It is a civic Type R so it has a lot to live up to, while the civic itself is a respectable car choice the Type R is one that will always turn heads.

Personally I have good reasons for liking the civic Type R it’s not just the amazing looks, its racing history and the fact it turns heads of petrol heads and non-petrol heads alike. Back when I was a teenager the first Hot Hatch I went in was a civic Type R, I think it was a 2005 model, but it introduced me to the breed of the hot hatch, whilst the focus RS(2009) was just coming out at this point the civic had the more reachable appeal at the time. Despite its sporty hard ride (it was pretty bumpy) the bucket Recaro racing seats and centrally dash mounted gear stick, it impressed upon me very heavily. It was a car that had the practicalities of the hatch but with some awesome handling and acceleration. The current Type R seems to have encapsulated this, whilst we wait for the new one to come I can dream of 3 exhausts pipes vtec and turbo in the same car. While other cars have come along and been impressive such as the Clio 197 and Toyota’s mad one off Aygo and Peugeot’s 208 GTI (by Peugeot sport). Nothing has ever measured up to the feeling and pleasure of the first time in that civic Type R.

One of the best feelings in a car is when Vtec kicks in its so much fun! (que the meme’s) Whilst I have been in faster cars and cars with different engine bosting systems the Civic is the first car I remember it kicking in properly. Hence the Type R is one of my favourites. If I had a dream 3 car garage it would either be a Type R of Focus RS that filled that gap, it would probably lean towards the Civic slightly more. If you want to look over the Type R’s that have been there is a link to an overview of civic Type R generations below. Also an additional video of a Mad and brilliant Civic EP3 with 435bhp.


Overview of civic Type R’s:

pictures can be found via twitter feed /google image search, this is a work in progress atm.





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