Hyundai @ paris


Last week saw the opening of the Paris motor show, with some very impressive cars; we start off with not a star of the show but one I have been waiting for. Once again it’s Hyundai that has got my attention (just look through my twitter feed from last week). As a launch that I was able to watch so far it was a good chance to see what Hyundai are aiming to achieve, amongst other things they are aiming to be the number one Asian brand in Europe.  Whilst that sounds ambitious it is a good cue to look at what cars they are looking to use to achieve this.  One key thing has been the new grills for all Hyundai’s giving them a more dominating look, unless you are my fiancé. In which case you think that they, have too many unnecessary holes.

Moving forward the Paris motor show gave way for the launch of the new I10 and I30. A key feature expressed on the new models is the increase in safety and technological changes made. With changes in mobile connectivity in cars both the I30 and I10 will have Apple, Android and Live services available, this is a good way for Hyundai to keep up with the demands of the European market. That said it is playing catch up with other cars on this front such as the VW UP and others in the city car range, that have already had this feature and similar fitted. It does appear though that with the 5 year warranty on unlimited mileage that Hyundai could be pushing the boundaries of the city car market, additionally the increase in safety features such as city breaking (automated anti accident breaking) the I10 could be on its way to the top of the city cars.

Whilst the I10 appears to have revealed a facelift update rather than a complete overhaul. Hyundai also  launched the new I30. This comes with a range of 3 cylinder turbo charged engines in both petrol and diesel. The car itself comes with impressive new looks as well as a claimed 10% improvement in direct steering. Oh as a final touch for techy geeks you can have wireless charging. As a Ford Focus /Vauxhall Astra rival it does look like a good option, however this is dependent on what consumers want and if they are willing to ditch the focus for I30. The 5 year unlimited mileage warranty will help with that providing the cars can live up to the expectation.  If this is what Hyundai are wanting to use to conquer the family car market it looks good, with Hyundai’s name becoming more established within Europe the cars will become more common on the road.

Moving into new territory of the I30 N. Hyundai launched the concept Rn30 which… well it looks fantastic, the doors are hinged upwards, estimated bhp output of around 374 on a two litre engine, along with all-wheel drive. As yet we don’t know how much of this will feed into the n 30 hopefully there will be all-wheel drive and 380 bhp available, although speculation suggests to keep price down bhp will be down to around 320 and front wheel drive rather than all-wheel drive. That’s based on internet rumours. However if Hyundai are able to get the attention of consumers petrol heads and journalists with something like this, it better live upto expectations as with the N30 due next year. For the moment this is one we will just have to watch and wait along with the press.




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