Good news and Paris

Good news

So after a few months of being on temporary insurance I am now back driving a car full time with insurance. Whilst having temporary insurance has meant being able to get to places and go where needed, now I have the freedom of the open road once again. Ok so I haven’t been able to go for a “pleasure drive” as yet, but I have a good journey to work commuting by car now.

While I have been busy moving sorting out job situations, car manufactures have also been busy with new models and updates. However a key event is coming up this week is the Paris motor show.  This event is once every two years and brings with it a lot of expectation and so coming up now is a list of some of the cars due to be launched /shown at the motor show.

Alpha Romeo:

The Giulia Veloce will be coming, after a few years of mostly hatchbacks (except the 4C). It looks like Alpha’s m3 rival will be on display. If you want to see what it’s like here is Chris Harris driving one:  Thank you Mr Harris.


A brand with a large history and a lot of good cars, although their f1 success is somewhat less at the moment. They are rumoured to be bringing a convertible La Ferrari to the motor show this year.


Honda have had good success the last couple of years with the new civic type R, finally bringing back the performance of the third generation type R. However this year they are bringing the 10th generation civic which appears to be going back to a saloon type body style, this includes a glimpse of it in type R format as well. Happily however, it appears the Vtec system known and loved is still staying in this car.


Ok so I am a slight sucker for this brand and have already talked about it in the last post, but the I30 is due its launch pre the motor show. However alongside this there will be the first glimpse into its high performance N concept. Basically the first official unveiling of the N30 will be at Paris! Hopefully this will mean information on its performance figures and pricing. Also it appears they will be unveiling an electric car of some sort, although from where I am details are slightly sketchy.


This companies bringing soul to the party this year! Well come on, you call your car the Kia soul what do you expect. A 201bhp Soul will be coming with a seven speed double clutch transmission. Looks like they want to break into the hot hatch market more after the Cee’d GT hatch.

Land Rover:

A big one for this year, after an advert appearing with Bear Grylls folding the seats while sky diving. The new discovery is coming out, and due to be unveiled this year, while a new defender is not due out yet  and rumours circulating about its release date (probably 2018).This is expected to be one of the big launches of the year.


2017 models are to be debuted at the Paris motor show this year, now where did my cheque book go.


Gt Phev is coming to Paris, although looking at the pictures you can’t help but be reminded of a certain Land Rover Evoque . A more detailed view of this can be found at:


By the looks of the pictures released and the slogan of “a revolution is coming” the new Nissan Micra will be coming, pensioners and driving schools get your wallets ready! Or perhaps it will appeal to a new crowd. I want to see a GTR Micra but that might be a bit silly.


Well it would be rude not to turn up to a motor show in your home country wouldn’t it? It looks like the French manufacturer will be bringing the latest; 2008, 3008 and 5008 suv’s. this will also include the launch of the I-cockpit to be introduced on the 3008. Peugeot will also be bringing the 3008 Dakar campaign car for 2017. Additionally the Fractal concept car (electric) with 3d audio affects will appear. In amongst other things being brought they will be showing “multimodal mobility products” which include kit to charge electric bikes (no this isn’t a joke reference to the fact they used to build push bikes). This will be an interesting collection to look forward to from the French.


Once again another Suv to hit the show this year this one appears to be a normal Seat Ateca but with actual 4×4 capabilities, who would have thought that of an SUV?  It sounds almost as if its lining up to rival the Land Rover discovery/ Volvo xc90


After recently seeing the world’s fastest beetle pass the 200mph mark VW is claiming their stand at the Paris motor show will be about “think new”, in other words a concept car of some sort, rather than a real new car, but we will wait and see, I could be wrong.

Finally all manufacturers and exhibitors at Paris can be found at:

Also for a more in depth guide  to the motor show head over to auto express, where Jake Groves, has put together a guide with more information


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