Hyundai has a new I30 coming out, this blog looks into that and also into the new “hot Hatch due out next year.

New i30

Ahead of the Paris motor show next month Hyundai has shown some teaser images of the new i30. This has been followed by information on the car including engine options which are all turbo charged, ranging from 1 litre engines to 1.4 and 1.6 options. The boot space now has a capacity of 395 litres. It looks set to be a rival for the Golf and Focus options… How well it will stack up as a rival remains to be seen. With the Paris motor show just around the corner there isn’t a long time to go to see. While Autocar have tested a pre-production model, the one that excites me is the N30 edition due next year.

This marks the companies sport division, rather like BMW’s M division although probably not quite up there with all the big boys just yet. It is their first proper hot hatch, while previously their efforts have included the Coupe, on the other side things like the Accent don’t exactly help. So what can be expected?  The N division is based in Germany at the Nurburgring, so not a small go kart track. The N division is aimed at targeting drivers who want to use B roads and enjoy that type of driving. In other words petrol heads. Whilst I would consider myself falling into this category I have usually not been in the right car. But with Hyundai making a move into this area it looks like there may be a chance to move from petrol head in wrong car to alternative car. Based on their success against rivals to city cars and the family hatchback, Hyundai may be onto something good with the N division.

Whilst Kia has made its first attempt at a hot hatch, with the Pro Cee’d (based on the underpinnings of the I30, this is going to be Hyundai’s first attempt at a hot hatchback. With YouTube spotted videos showing the car being tested, it seems to show a promising car.  The “spy shots” have shown what appears to be a more aggressive I30. What excites me about this car coming out is the idea that it will bring hot hatchbacks to the masses, well, hopefully cheaper anyway. Whilst the focus RS and civic type R retail at over 30k a year, my hope is that the new boys on the hot hatch front will bring affordable performance to a new audience. Whilst I am aware these are on the expensive end of hot hatches and others are available I am looking forward to seeing what Hyundai can bring to the table with a hot hatch.

It would be ridiculous to expect something as ground-breaking as a 205 GTI but considering the progress this company has been making it should be a good chance to see what they are made of. We also need to consider that Hyundai have been in rally for quite some time now and are sitting, if Wikipedia and the internet is correct, 2nd in the world championship. Unless you are in a two man battle second is a good place to be. If what they have learnt about rally is transferred to their N Division then we could be looking at a potential rival to the Focus RS. Whilst this is unlikely and the chances of a drift button are miniscule, there is space for this car to make a real stamp on the hot hatchback scene.  Whilst my current favourite is probably a 208GTI it will be good to see the results of Hyundai’s first efforts.






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