Toyota Starlet by 15 year old me

So this review was written by myself, whilst I was at school aged 15. It was based on my mums car at the time, which we had owned for a few years and used to be my uncles before her. Despite its go faster snot stripes and lack of space we had a lot of fun with it. My mum coming from a biker background usually pulled away from lights pretty quick using the technique of creeping rather than stopping at traffic lights, a habit which I have ended up with myself.  The car itself was like a member of the family very loyal and trust worthy only ever breaking down once requiring a new battery. However by the time we parted it was knackered.  I have looked out for one for sale but they are coming up to 20 years old now it just wouldn’t be worth the money to find one.  Anyway here is a 15 year old me’s review of the car.

Toyota’s hidden car

The Toyota Starlet is a hidden gem of Toyota. It roams around the streets quietly and discreet. It looks like a curvy overweight Nissan Micra. The engine is a 1.3 providing a claimed 0-62mph of 11.9 seconds, as long as there is no wheel spin from the front. When its wheels stop spinning it goes like a moped on jet fuel. Its sound is biblical the nearest you could get to the sound is three mopeds travelling at top speed on steroids.  Show it a corner and it glides around with the elegance of a duck trying to run a marathon. However it is controlled and calm, it manages to beat the Nissan Micra in a drag race by a long margin. But it is still behind its European rival the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

The interior is not much to show it looks like it was designed by Rover for 25p. The glove box is too small and the heating is like an asthmatic fox blowing through its nose. The seats were designed by an old man from Norfolk who had an obsession with coloured stripes.

To sum up this car you have to look at it like an old tatty book that has been hidden away for years, once you find it you keep it hidden from embarrassment and retune and refine it before showing it to the world.


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