Land Rover and the royal families car for sale

Land Rover: the makers of cars that have hurt my body and given me a brief feeling of car sickness. A small complaint for a fantastic manufacture. This year marked the passing of the Defender model with a new one due to be released in 2018; being the previous model had 68 years of production it has a lot to live up to. While fans of the defender wait for a new replacement there are two or three options available to them. Firstly there are many second hand ones for sale, indeed, Auto trader lists over 1000 for sale and that’s excluding eBay piston heads and other sellers. However if you wanted a brand new model then the company Twisted is still making them with a supply bought from Land Rover- other companies will do the same as well. Whilst this is based on the idea of improving upon the original model, the one that catches my eye is the Corvette engine in a Land Rover- that is definitely the one I would go for. V8 with 500bhp in a Land Rover yes please. Alternatively for Defender fans they can hold out hope on the rumours of a company taking over the design rights and rebuilding it, however this to me seems unlikely. Long term it might end up being taken over by a company specialising in restoring classics to modern standards like the new MGB and other cars that have received the same treatment. That’s where we leave Land Rovers Defender, it’s a relic that will live on in a new identity, but Land Rover itself has moved on. You can reminisce on the demise of a manufacturer or model of car, but there is a time to move on.
This week a news article popped up when I was scanning the internet looking for details on the Land Rover Defender rumours. The story in question has a link at the bottom; a Range Rover on sale for £150k, it’s not a special edition or an Overfinch. Nope it’s one that was owned by the royal family, a luxury 4×4 with royal heritage; it was used by Prince William picking up his son from the hospital when he was born. It’s apparently fitted with many additional features, I’d quite like to know what these features are, I’m hoping for bullet proof glass and speed dial to the queen. Unfortunately I don’t have the money to bid on it, but a car with that history will make someone very happy- personally I’d quite like to have a go at making one specked up to a “royal level”. I would think that an additional emergency Corgi button would be good fun, except rather than a dog I’d have a model car come up out of the dashboard.
Along with the royal clientele Land Rover is known as a luxury car brand, not only that but its cars go anywhere. It’s come a long way from improving American war relics on the beach. If anything this small news story symbolises something great about Land Rover- it’s gone from the needs of farming to providing chariots to the rich and famous. Ok, its reliability is questionable and other options are available. But these cars give ordinary people something to aspire too, I’m not talking about the fuel costs, but the ‘go anywhere’ brand that offers you luxury if you can afford it. Whilst the Defender has gone it leaves behind a legendary brand and cars to be taken everywhere from a posh night out to turning a field into mud. With the New Defender not due for a while we can rest assured that its fate will be in good hands, as long as it comes with a tool box.

Link to the article found, I know its not autocar but here you go



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