Roundabout pull away challenge

The rules are pretty simple pull away quicker than whatever the car next to you is. Usually I like to take on the big Mercs and BMW’s not because I have anything against them but when you get across the roundabout quicker than them they have some priceless faces, and you get a slightly smug feeling. I did this to a guy driving a Mercedes ML350 AMG, by being observant and quick of the mark I out pulled him easily across the roundabout he wasn’t to happy but as I knew the road and didn’t want to go to fast I let him go past afterwards.

The rules of pull away challenge:

  1. You must keep within the speed limit and be safe don’t just pull out without looking and always obey the highway code.
  2. Hot hatchbacks and boy racers are worth 50 points, Standard hatchbacks are worth 25

Pensioners and learners do not count that’s just being stupid, Big cars I.e sporty and Range Rovers 75 points.

  1. You must be completely be over the other side of the roundabout before they catch up or your points do not count.
  2. If somebody beeps their horn or you have to break sharply then you cannot play for the next 3 roundabouts
  3. Have fun and don’t give other drivers road rage, if they get annoyed or upset let them pass, if in doubt refer to rule 1.

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