500 mile weekend


This weekend just been I had the large task of 500 miles driving, originally it was meant to be in one day but ended up happening over two. My car of selection was a Hyundai Getz 1.4. Most of the driving for the weekend was on the m25 and A roads. The car was mostly in “van mode” with the back seats down and a packed load. I knew that this weekend was going to be more about focussing on the job in had rather than driving pleasure and fun. Particularly as my convoy partner was in a N reg automatic golf that proved problematic.  The Hyundai had its own small problem a few weeks ago it had a suspected slow puncture which by Sunday needed changing. The Irony was not lost on me as I pulled into the same petrol station as almost a year ago to the day I had run out of petrol and had to buy a Jerry can from. The good bit was knowing that there was a full-size spare in the boot and thankfully within half an hour I was back on the road for the last leg home.

Working out that you drove for 9 hours in a day on 4 hours sleep probably doesn’t sound to good thankfully it was spread out enough that it wasn’t too bad having started at 730 and finished at 8pm. Particularly considering the boredom of sitting in the car on your own for 1.5 hours with someone else’s Cd collection and the usual radio rubbish at 6 in the evening. So with that all out of the way here are some of the more fun things of driving 500 miles in a weekend and some general fun things for long journeys.

Firstly you get to know what a car is like to drive really well, unfortunately I wasn’t on B roads much but when you have a lot of driving you can find the cars sweet spots. Secondly roundabouts having done a lot of millage recently, along the A27 this means roundabouts, I’m not talking about honing about them going round in circles. Firstly when there is traffic at them it gives you a good chance for car spotting a few weeks ago I was near good wood and saw a few very pretty cars. It’s a good chance to respect petrol heads and hear their engines.  Whilst this was good the m25 is rather short on roundabouts to play with, and so it is a game of car spotting instead, looking out not just for nice cars but rare ones and obscure ones unfortunately apart from a few classics and horse boxes there wasn’t much on the M25. However a Rolls Royce Wraith turned up, unfortunately in Essex so it didn’t have the best of paintjobs. Whites a good colour but it had a slight pearl tinge which ruined the look somewhat.

I’d like to say more about the 500 mile driving but apart from these highlights there wasn’t much more to say. I have come to the conclusion that whilst I enjoy driving I would not want to do 500 miles motorway driving all day without good reasoning a passenger and good music selection. However It did give me a chance to perfect the rules (I think) of roundabout pull away).  If you have any idea on how to make motorway journeys more fun when on your own in a car then please comment away. Ps if you say make friends not applicable as the car didn’t have space for them. Also games for more than one player welcome as well.


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